Hello, I’m Blake Berglund.

I’m working away at settling into the title of Writer. It makes the ideas tangible. I hunt for the lyric in prose. This Substack feels like the greater liner notes. The pieces come in series’ or stand alone. With courage, a poem.

The Straight & The Narrow is a discipline and I’m in pursuit.

I am also preparing the release of my sixth studio album. Self-produced. If my last record felt like my Dark Side of the Moon, this one feels like The Wall.

Patronage is fuel. Subscribing to this Substack is an act of support.

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Free subscribers will receive my offerings. This is a great way to assist in amplifying the message and investing in continued creation. My wife says that by having Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs completely filled we get to focus on self-actualization. As supporters you give us that.

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Patronage & Support

I moved thousands of records door to door for five years of my life - knowing the potential realities that existed on the other side of every door was the wonder. Hundreds of thousands of people and conversations. I often ponder if I have spoken to a million people, one at a time. I'm going to show up on this thing with the same spirit.

  • This publication is closely tied to an upcoming album. It’s in the can and more substantial than usual. I just kept on writing and recording through the pandemic. Support is to help put it out into the world.

  • The yearly subscription is you saying yes on your door-step. My life has been changed by these people. I want to give you my vault. This encourages the maximum amount in my life to create and execute.

  • The 333 is above and beyond. I’ve been lucky enough over the years to come into folks’ orbits where they see their abundance as cyclical. To those that recognize the greater architecture in all of this, I am humbled and grateful.

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"castles start to crumble and heads begin to roll"